Monday, June 27, 2005


Guess what I did

The weekend started off with quite the bang. Reinhold, Marty(my new roomate), and I when to a party for some girls birthday, and than headed down to the waterfront on the Potomac river and than off to another bar in Georgetown. It was a good time, although there were some headaches in the morning for Reinhold and I. Reinhold and I went and walked around the city the next day, we went and checked this park/and waterfall in DC and than walked through Adams Morgan and saw this amazing photography and talked about how much cooler that guys life must be and all the places he has visited. Saturday, I was somebodies date to a wedding. I had a really good time, as I usually do when I hang out with her. There was a lot of country music at this wedding, and I have now actually slow danced to some country music. I wouldn't even consider touching the dance floor when the upbeat country was going, because I had no idea what to do. It was an open bar so I kind of focused on that.

Last night, I attended the Dave Matthews concert. I enjoyed it, but last year's show was better. I don't particularly care for his new stuff, but they are still one of the best jam bands, and Robert Randolph(He has his own band and plays steel guitar) was there and played with them. However, I have drank way too much in the last three days and really need to detox.

Yes, the weekend was a blast. I'm going to visit one Saturday just to tour D.C.
Very good post. I was laughing a little at it because i just read this writer:
Well, I guess that makes me the stereotypical dc person than. What exactly is your blog. Do you just highlight other peoples blogs around DC?
Yes, broadly. But I try to do a few things, such as assemble blogs that are commenting on the same thing, for instance the recent theft of dc chief's car.

I also hunt for new DC metro blogs and, hopefully, help get them readers.

I'm also interested in cross-connecting communities of interests, and highlight bloggers from all over the spectrum.

I also compile DC links and categorize them. A work in progress.
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