Monday, July 18, 2005


I didn't do crap....well I crapped

The weekend is over, and I am back in the drivers seat at work. I really didn't do anything this weekend. Reinhold couldn't come up, so I chose to wait till he could get up here to go see "Wedding Crashers", movies like that are just funnier when you watch them with someone else who laughs at the same things you do.

I stayed in Friday and Staurday night caught up on a lot of sleep. I didn't drink at all which was nice, went for some long runs, beat the living shit out of some hookers with a sock and a roll of quarters. I mean c'mon they are hookers afterall. No one is going to miss them except for me. Oh and I did make it in too church this Sunday.....I felt a little bad after the whole beating the hooker thing. Other than that not a whole lot of excitement this weekend.

Sukie and I have been conversing about our fish and it got me thinking, because I was talking to someone else in the office about my fish. I was joking around about how I carried on conversations with it and it talked back. However, I was just thinking how damn cool it would be if I could talk to animals and they would do my bidding like the sweet movie in the 80's "The Beastmaster"

Yeah, if I could control animals like that, lets just say things would change. I would just let animals loose on people I don't like and no one would ever no I was responsible because animals just attacked them. Lets just say people like Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, everyone in the bands and people that listen to the bands Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, New Found Glory and other pussy bands like that. They just complain about their dads and how they want to kill themselves. They definitley deserve to get kicked to death by donkeys, or mauled by wild boars, perhaps bit to death by a wild pack of deer because that just seems so unlikely. Anywho, I have a lot of people on the list that should die, but anyone other than the guys won't know who I am talking about, so it is pointless to put my people to kill list on here.

Oh, and my new musical taste, and who has quickly risen to beloved and cherished in the last month is My Morning Jacket. Go click on their link on the side and than by all of their albums because they are great. For all country alt fans go by Li'l Cap'n Travis also. That is some sweet shit. However, I would suggest avoiding this bands album. You can rest assured it is going to suck.

Friday, July 15, 2005


Getting busy

Nope, not that kind of busy. I wish it was the good kind of getting busy, but I mean work. I have been swamped. I have been doing 7 in the morning to 9 at night type hours so I have neglected the blog. I do have some good news though. My sister had a baby which was cool. It was her third, but it was her first son and everyone was healthy. Always nice to hear that, but my hugest news is that I have got a new job. I haven't signed the agreement letter yet, but I verbally accepted and it is so great. I will get do a lot of travelling to NYC, Philly, and Chicago and there is a lot more money. There really only seemed to be plus sides to this job other than I will have to work more hours, but that is ok. I need to do that while I am young and single.

My other good news is that Russel, B-Diddy, J-cous, and myself have 5 nights out in Las Vegas at the MGM grand. I am going to have such a blast especially knowing that Diddy and Russel will be out there living it up with me. I hope that they both make gruesome mistakes, and than chalk it up to "whatever happens in Vegas stays there". It sucks that Reinhold will be starting Law school and couldn't come, but my first trip when I get back will be to head down to the Va. Beach area and reminisce about the times that we went down to visit his older brother there. I doubt we will actually do that, but I just like for Lukin to feel somewhat included since he has cut himself off from society studying for the bar exam.

I met some girls in the building the other night after Reinhold left, so I will probably just end up walking over to the bars in Adams Morgan and hanging out with them tonight. We will see I really actually don't feel like doing anything this weekend, but I am a sucker for a good time. I might even go to church this Sunday, it has been like 5 months since I have been. You will surely get the update come Monday morning. A great weekend to all.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Back to the office

I have a lot to report on from this weekend. Reinhold came up on Friday and than left late lastnight after the firework spectacle. We went to a few parties, where this one girl we knew had an entire glass of wine thrown in her face, and then a near fight almost ensued. That pretty much killed the mood of that night, so we just walked back to the apartment. I hate idiots in bars. I have been to a 1000 bars and never got into a fight. There are five hundred people crammed into a small space, you are bound too bump into people, so why freak out when it happens. We went running a couple times for some excercise and to show Reinhold other parts of the city he hasn't seen before. Wen't to another party Sunday night where we were basically entertained by this really funny drunk guy, who later was just throwing himself at a young lady that was at the party. That provided some quality entertainment. It was off to bed again because we had to get up and go to the Nationals game the next day, in which they lost. Pretty disappointing for Reinhold's first Nationals appearance. Of course the 4th of July tradition came next, we went and watched the fireworks on the roof of the building. From all appearances the firework show was great, but the way the wind was blowing it was putting the smoke right in front of us and blocking a good chunk or the display.

One glaring dispointment from the weekend was Live 8. This guy wrote a good blog about it. They really do have a great message, but I really feel like they are simplifying the problem. Aside from that I was just disappointed in the musical lineup and the coverage MTV gave. This is a freaking music concert, I don't care what sway or some other stupid vj prick at MTV has to say on the matter, as if they have some gift of gab to bless us with. I hate you MTV and VHI, can no one play music anymore? For every 45 minutes of talking you saw 3 minutes of singing. I also felt like all the great bands and music was in London. While we got Black Eyed Peas and Kanye West here in Philly, London is throwing up a collaberation of U2 and Paul Mcartney, and Coldplay with Richard Ashcroft. There is just no comparison, please someone kill that crap of pop hip hop. I am fine with true pioneers such as Jay-Z, Tupac, Nas, and Chuck D, but this shitty drivel of pop music needs to stop. That goes for you to Ashlee Simpson and all the music of that genre. I want to move to London and not just because of this concert. I think everything seems better there except perhaps the food.

Friday, July 01, 2005


4th of July

Yet another holiday is upon us. A day for taking a break from work, drinking some beer and grilling out, and celebrating our independence from those evil overlords, who are now are greatest ally. Crazy isn't it.

Reinhold is coming up and spending the entire weekend at my apartment, and we will have some festivus merrimus throughout the entire weekend. I just secured two tickets to the Nationals game on Monday vs. the New York Mets. I had to go to someone elses site to get this picture. The pictures I had were kind of blurry. I am pretty sure that Reinhold is going to get drunk and take his pants off at the game, but we will have to wait and see. I hope everyone has a great 4th though.

Thursday, June 30, 2005


A whole lot of music

Well, as I said I have many to a lot of shows since I last was blogging. I went and saw Ryan Adams twice, The Old 97's, Mason Jennings, The Killers and Keane, Josh Rouse, Dave Matthews, the Pat McGee Band, Jimmy Eat World, and The Format. It is kind of hard to make out this picture, but this is Keane. I have a lot of picutres from all the shows, and I wish this guy's head wasn't in the way, but when it is dark and y ou have been drinking for quite sometime this is what happens. Going to see Coldplay in September and I can't wait for that. You can click on this picture for a larger version.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Bike messengers are crazy

Paul, I am sure you also see these guys on a daily basis. These bike messengers that take crap around the city have no fear of death or anything from what I can see. They are typically covered from head to toe in tattoo's and look like they have not bathed in 2 months, but damn it they can ride bikes.

However yesterday was a first for me when it came to these guys. I legitmately saw one guy holding on to the back of a moving truck and holding the handlebars with one hand, letting the moving truck pull him along at a pretty high rate of speed with traffic surrounding him on all sides. I just found this to be a pretty daring move. I have no idea why, but I have always imagined them as being pretty cool people to know, but this guy is kind of a step above them now.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Email's from complete Jackasses

"What would the 4th be without a gathering of the Journeymen. I suggest we don't dissapiont our forefathers and have a good ol'fashioned cookout." This was an email I recieved from Kaphar earlier today.

Well once again Kaphar has managed to legitmately turn what could be a great holiday celebration into an excuse for him to parade around in his plum smuggling biker shorts without a shirt on. Saying things like, " Sorry guys, don't take it personal, I think God just spent a little extra time creating this one."(while pointing at himself) I was actually having some people over to the apartment this year, because I think there is a spot for grilling in the back, and then watching the fireworks from the roof or walking down to the mall for a better view. Who knows, all I do know, is that Kaphar will get hammered and start grab assing everyone in sight, with other smooth quips like this one " You know what this much chest hair means baby?.......I am all man. "

The other problem is that Lukin will show up with LA looks gel in his hair and combover that could have only been created in the depths of hell. He will certainly be wearing cutoff jean shorts and a fresh pair of Avia hightops, too which we will all stand around wondering, "Where in the hell can you even buy Avia hightops anymore." Now couple that with the striped polo that he assuredly picked up at Sears some time around the 8th grade and tell me that isn't a picture for success.

Yeah, thanks but no thanks guys. That sounds like a lot of fun and all, but while were having so much fun at this picnic, you might as well slam pitching wedges into my shins, hit me in the tailbone with a sledgehammer, and crush my nuts in a vice. Call me crazy, but I think I will be spending the 4th of July somewhere that the Journeymen aren't.

P.S. Eat my ass you pieces of crap.

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